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Postby duke63 » 02 May 2021, 21:51

Just watching Moto 3 race.

They have been talking about concussion and I had never really considered what it actually us but effectively its the brain bouncing off the inside of the skull and causing bruising and nerve damage to the brain. Whiplash alone can cause it without any bump to the head.

Suffering concussion once means you are more likely to suffer it again.

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Re: Concussion

Postby Cav » 02 May 2021, 22:23

I've suffered 3 notable concussions. The 3rd one gave me 9 months of amnesia.
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Re: Concussion

Postby Kwacky » 03 May 2021, 07:21

I've had it twice. The second time it hung around for about two weeks. It's affected my memory.
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Re: Concussion

Postby D41 » 03 May 2021, 07:29

I had one years ago after crashing my MTB.... not really a bad wreck, but the bike followed me, took a hard bounce, and kinda trebuchet'd over onto my head... cracked my helmet right off, destroying the rear wheel in the process.
By the time I made it home I was very much out of it. I didn't know my roommates & I couldn't remember my name....they told me and I thought they were kidding....they on the other hand, thought I was on drugs. I wish.
I didn't know where I was, who I was, or much of anything TBH..... business as usual!!!
It took a few frustrating & confusing days for it to subside.... it was a very detached, abstract sensation. Not pleasant at all. I did go to see a doctor though, he reckoned it was only a mild to moderate concussion....I can only imagine how bad a serious concussion could be. Doesn't bear thinking about.
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