Happy birthday, Frankie.

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Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby duke63 » 08 Oct 2021, 08:14

Have a good one, mate. (party) (beer)
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby Kwacky » 08 Oct 2021, 08:35

Happy birthday matey
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby StMarks » 08 Oct 2021, 09:26

Many happy returns Fkkr1s, hope you have a good day mate.
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby Cav » 08 Oct 2021, 09:41

Happy Birthday mate! You must be getting on a bit if you can't hold your coolant anymore :D
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby Stonesie » 08 Oct 2021, 10:11

Happy Birthday Frankie (groupdrink) (^)
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby kiwikrasher » 08 Oct 2021, 10:47

Happy birthday mate! Glad you are off having a ball!
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby Monty » 08 Oct 2021, 11:30

Happy Birthday Dude (beer) (beer) (beer) (beer) (d) (d) (^) (poolparty)
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby D6Nutz » 08 Oct 2021, 12:58

Happy birthday mate

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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby D41 » 08 Oct 2021, 13:50

All the very best, Francois. (party) (d) (party)
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Re: Happy birthday, Frankie.

Postby Frankie » 09 Oct 2021, 15:16

Cheers guys much appreciated, as some may know i have been away in Spain @ Almeria. Four days of track fun.
Except, the bike decided to play up from the get go, i must have taken on and off the fairings at least 15 times over the course of three days. Obviously day four was went it truly let go. Long and the short as i dont want to think about it anymore..... Head Gasket gone, good know what damage inside.... So thats the end of that chapter. At least my close call did not end with me on the deck. Home safe and sound.
Did ride various other machines offered, including a brand new 1000 gixer which was nice. Home now and chill'n.
Oh and i was presented with a birthday cake last night lol.... so not all bad.
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