Additional Forum Rules for the Slapper Section

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Additional Forum Rules for the Slapper Section

Postby Admin » 14 Mar 2014, 14:28

The Slapper Chat section is left fairly open with the minimum amount of moderation. I'm happy for pretty much any topic to be debated. We're a (reasonably) sensible lot and I think you're all grown up enough to be left to your own devices.

As with any topic there will always be more than one viewpoint. I ask that you respect that person's view without having to resort to personal insults in reply, unless you know that person in real life and are prepared (and would) say it to them if they were sat across a table from you.

Neither I nor any of the moderators will take sides in an argument. Do not ask us to do so.

I have not got time to act as referee in the Slapper Section, I don't want to do that on this board. I want to leave you as much as possible to your own devices.

Please do not throw your toys out of the pram should your request for the deletion of a thread or comment to be refused.

If someone has said something you don't like, report the post and walk away from the thread. If you respond to the offending post then you will lose your right to complain. Either you want the thread to be moderated and you want us to deal with it or you want to continue your argument. You can't have both. Hopefully that seems fair.
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