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Monster test rides

Postby duke63 » 06 Aug 2018, 21:46

The Multi went in for a service today and whilst I was waiting they let me out on a 1200S for a play.

First things first, it's light for a big naked, nice TFT colour dash, up and down quick shifter and 150bhp.

Bike too a few minute to get used to as you are hunched a big over the front wheel, or at least it feels like that after getting off the Multi.

The engine is lovely. Pulls hard from very low down and I could use one or sometimes two gears lower than the Multi in the same corners. Took it out on some twisty roads and out towards Mallory Park. Engine has lots of shove and is very is however very quiet, too quiet for my liking. Overtakes were easy and the quick shifter is smooth up and down once the motor us spinning up. Still not convinced they are especially needed on a road bike though.

The bike had Ohlins front and rear being the S model. The suspension felt quite firm at times and would need a it of adjustment for my tastes though it is maybe that I have been spoiled by the semi active suspension of my bike which works to suit whatever riding you are doing at that moment.

Went into the Tamworth by pass to test out the wind flow. Has to be said there are benefits to being on a naked. Smooth airflow all the time but anything into 3 figures would have to be short periods only. Too tiring for anything else.

Took the bike back via the very twisting roads through the Whitacres. Bikes turns very smoothly, clutch less downshifts makes life very (too?) easy and the bike was loads of fun. Managed to get rid of the chicken strips still on the demo bike. (devil)

Anyway got back and my bike was still on the bench being serviced. Don't think I could swap the Multi for a 1200 Monster, the Multi is too adaptable which the monster is less so.

However, they also had a 821 Monster demo so asked if I could take it out. Bright yellow which I'm not sure about but anyway it's not my bike.

This bike has a touch less than 110bhp, same colour TFT dash, up and down QS. No single side swing arm on this bike, 180 section rear tyre instead of 190, cable instead of hydraulic clutch, M4 Brembos rather than M50s on the the 1200.

Ride off expecting the same riding position but it felt sat in the bike more. When I got back I found the seat was on a lower position as its adjustable.

Anyway bike is a big lighter still than the 1200 and this was noticeable. Took it on the same twisting Whitacres roads.

Must confess I did miss the extra power a little but being honest I suspect I was as quick on the smaller Monster as it still has plenty of powe for the road and it's a little more agile And you can use the power more easily. I did miss the hydraulic clutch as its much smoother than a cable operated one. I did feel however that the smaller bike was more fun.

I think if I was gong to own only one bike the 1200 would be the one to have bug I'm not sure the Ohlns is worth the extra over the standard 1200.

As a second bike though the 821 makes much more sense. Easier to ride an handle and for what I would want it for probably the better option.
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Re: Monster test rides

Postby D41 » 07 Aug 2018, 19:17

Nice write up.
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