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Postby T.C. » 14 May 2017, 15:30

My good friend and fellow twitterer, Chris Harrison has written a very interesting and engaging blog about SMIDSY incidents.

You might enjoy reading what he has to say on the subject as well. ... or-smidsy/
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Re: Guest Blog

Postby Kwacky » 14 May 2017, 15:39

For a long time now I've worked on the basis that the driver hasn't seen me. I find if you move across your lane, that movement alone can be enough for the driver to spot you. Even if they don't you're in a better road position to avoid a collision should they continue and pull out on you.
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Re: Guest Blog

Postby D41 » 14 May 2017, 16:04

Good read.

I go with the theory that everyone out there is an idiot.
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Re: Guest Blog

Postby D6Nutz » 14 May 2017, 18:49

Kwacky wrote:For a long time now I've worked on the basis that the driver hasn't seen me.

Same, I find if you think this way it saves disappointment.

Interesting point about using the horn. I've stopped doing it now, but my mentor from the IaM always suggested a quick beep on the horn of you weren't sure if a driver had seen you or not. Thus should always be followed up by a quick wave to diffuse any possible tension made by the usage of the horn.

As an aside, it doesn't seem to matter what your level of training is for lack of recognition to be an issue as an ambulance proved for me today.

I was on a decent sized roundabout with the right indicator going, lent to the right, and looking to the right (save a quick glance at the ambulance driver) yes he had seen me and still pulled put in front of me. Fortunately due to rule 1, this was thought about and nothing came of it.

I'm 100% sure there was no malicious intent, just a simple miscalculation.
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