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Re: Insurance renewal time

Postby Monty » 10 Jan 2018, 17:45

Cavetroll87 wrote:
Monty wrote:Yes, but suspect it's the garage and 9 years no claims bonus that makes the most difference. (other than being 45)

wow so in another 15 years can I get mine that cheap ;) getting older is great!

In all seriousness I know what you mean about knees, why do you think I gave up on the ninja, it was the legs, just far too cramped for me.

Christ, you're screwed. Mine only ache when I run 10K :D
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Re: Insurance renewal time

Postby Kwacky » 10 Jan 2018, 19:24

High mileage bumps up the premium, as does swapping bikes, you're more likely to have an accident in your first 12 months of owning a bike.

Basically I'm doing everything I can to make sure my insurance is painful.
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