FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

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FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

Postby Bikesure » 25 Jun 2015, 16:12

Hi guys and girls,

Hope you don’t mind a new thread. Bikesure Insurance now offer a new extra benefit which is available to add to a policy called FlexRide. In short, if you have the ‘Riding other bikes’ extension on your policy, which will only give you cover against third party risks, this ‘top-up’ policy will increase the cover to a comprehensive level giving up to £5000 worth of cover for the motorcycle you are riding.

I’m not trying to give it the hard sell here - I just thought with it being unique as far as I know in the market, it was worth talking about.

It does have some restrictions; you must already have the riding other bikes third party only benefit on your policy (this doesn’t buy you the extension), the bike must be insured, not belong to you, or be registered at your address. It can only be added to a Bikesure insurance policy.

The policy is perfect for someone who has friends or relatives who are ‘in to’ their bikes like you and I. Using someone else’s bike with just third party cover is always a bit awkward, especially if something happens!

It won’t suit everyone I know, but for people like you and I who love their bikes, it could be very handy. At £24.99 a year it’s very reasonably priced.

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Re: FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

Postby DaytonAndy » 25 Jun 2015, 17:18

That's a pretty good idea to be fair. I'll definitely give you a shout come renewal time.
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Re: FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

Postby Kwacky » 25 Jun 2015, 18:53

Seconded. Nice idea and well priced.
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Re: FlexDrive from Adrian Flux Insurance

Postby Rossgo » 28 Jun 2015, 10:37

That's great idea. I'm with you guys already but if I am to get a good renewal quote next year again from you then will give this a look.
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