Street triple headlight lenses melted!!

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Street triple headlight lenses melted!!

Postby aidy90 » 27 Mar 2017, 20:07

Hi Fellow Slappers

Just thought I would share my experience with you guys

I went for a ride on my 2012 Street triple on Friday as we had some decent weather for a change
When I got back I noticed my melted headlight lenses !!! (see attached pic)

I dont have any headlight covers fitted or anything like that

I have done some research on this and it would appear this has happened to others
Possible causes are placing the bike undercover whilst the lenses are still warm which apparently cause a heatsoak and the blistering/melting
the lenses are polycarbonate but surely this shouldnt happen even if you do that

I have over the winter months started the bike and left it ticking over for 15 mins or so (without the cover on)
although I did put the cover over straight after as I wasnt aware this was a problem
so it may well have happened prior to my ride on Friday

So today I visited my local Triumph dealership to ask if this problem was a recall item as surely this isnt normal
The answer was NO
I explained the circumstances of how I assumed it had happened and asked if they would be willing to supply replacements at a reduced price
The answer was NO

They were unsympathic to say the least
So as of right now I am on the look out for some replacement lenses at a reasonable price
I have done the usual searches on Fleabay etc but would prefer to buy from a fellow Slapper if anyone has any for sale
It is my understanding that they are the same on the Speed triple
so if anyone has any for sale please either send me a text to 07575343773 or send me a message on here

Thanks in advance

Im n
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Re: Street triple headlight lenses melted!!

Postby Kwacky » 27 Mar 2017, 21:05

That shouldn't happen. Write direct to Triumph if the dealer aren't helping out.
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Re: Street triple headlight lenses melted!!

Postby D6 » 28 Mar 2017, 13:11

Worth writing direct and see what they say. Only thing they might question is your bike is a 2012, so if there was an issue it would surely reveal itself quite soon. Which could suggest something was different to normal operation.

I don't know specifics, or technical reasons. I know most manufacturers say not to cover headlights due to the high temps. And that really there should be airflow (i.e. bike moving) at some point. So leaving it idle for a long period of time to get very hot then covering them retaining the heat may be a cause.

This is all my own speculation and trying to offer advise of how it potentially happened. As Kwacky and I said. It's worth writing a letter. I couldn't see the image by the way as it was really small
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