CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

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CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby wazza675 » 08 Oct 2016, 04:55

I've been restoring an old '98 CBR600F3 race bike. Long story short, it was given to me by a mate. He high-sided at turn 11 Phillip Island (after MG corner), breaking his collar bone. It then got parked in an apple cool store and subsequently moved again into a hay shed. Recently his folks wanted it removed... and so I ended up with it for free.
It needed plenty of work as you could imagine after spending 8 years in the weather, however it's running again and it's now at a point where I'd be happy to turn a few laps at the track.

There are a few little gremlins though....
The tacho feed comes and goes. I assume there is a loose wire and it's earthing out but I nee to work out where the feed comes from first.
The neutral feed is also a little iffy. When the bike gets hot, the feed drops out (demonstrated by the green dash light flickering then going out), meaning that the bike won't restart as the engine must be in neutral.

I have the standard workshop manual but there seems to be little information in it (on this topic). It does show where the sensor is for the neutral feed and it all seems to be connected ok, although it may be old and on the way out. However I can't find where the CDI picks up the revs from.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have already been asked for progress pics (by my mum of all people) but I ended up engrossed in the process and forgot... sorry.
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Re: CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby kiwikrasher » 08 Oct 2016, 11:00

No idea how to help you Wazza but good to see you about again!

Settling in for Bathurst tomorrow? I'm out at work so only chance is to catch a bit at lunch and knock off.
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Re: CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby wazza675 » 08 Oct 2016, 11:32

I spend little time in front of a PC these days and only trawl the inter-web for spares and upgrades!!

The 675 is going well. Just fitted a billet oil cooler to prevent the 06-08 known heat exchanger failure. I've also fitted a quickshifter and modified the rearsets to suit the push unit, completely removing the shift lever and mounting it in a similar location to Sato rearsets (although I've made all bits up myself).

The CBR has until recently taken over the whole bike thing. It was in a pretty poor state.
*The carbies have been removed, cleaned and refitted more times than I'd care to admit. Turns out you can't run them without the secondary air intake system or they just fill with fuel!!
*I swapped redundant 675 parts for some race scrubs and let a mate swap a bunch of tyres to 'practise' using his new No-Mar tyre changer.
*The chain is off the 675 - I needed a longer one after going from 55 to 60 width tyre profiles.
*Wheels were looking pretty tardy, so I cleaned them up and gave them a rattle can spray before the new rubber went on.
*New relocated choke cable and removed ignition, replacing it with a toggle.
*Fairings had to be repaired and given a rattle can spray.
*I sourced a dash from the states that I cut down to fit into the home made bodge job front subframe.
*Water pump was cactus so I got one from the UK, however the 95 and 98 are slightly different (although both F3's) and so I had to reuse the outer half.
*New fuel pump, filter and hoses.
*Repaired the rearsets with a home made bracket and new pegs.
*Full brake bleed and clean.
*Forks were pitted and rusty, so I cleaned up the inner sleeve with autosol and steel wool and changed the oil and dust seal.
*New oil and filer.... twice now!!
*Air filer clean
*New clip-ons
.....and probably more I've forgotten.
I ran it around the block a few times today, adjusted things (and re-bled the brakes) then ran a few more laps!! I'm now confident of taking it to the track.

And yes.... tomorrow is BATHURST day. Couch and telly is all mine - the girls can sod off.
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Re: CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby D6Nutz » 08 Oct 2016, 14:04

Hi wazza, good bike for the track the CBR. I've also got and f3 as a track bike.

Unfortunately mine is in a lock up so can't just pop and check out things for you.

Are you running the standard clocks or have you got aftermarket clocks. I've got a scitsu Rev counter on mine and I know it uses a pick up of the ht leads.
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Re: CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby Deegee » 08 Oct 2016, 14:30

Can't help with the tacho issue Wazza, but iirc the neutral switch is a plunger switch onto the selector drum, if it's flickering when warm it may be the switch is slightly worn or the internal contacts are corroded or pitted.
If you've had the switch out it could be that a new sealing washer is slightly too thick to allow full stroke of the switch, if it's flickering try a short piece of wire from the connector on top of the switch onto the engine casing or neg terminal of the bike, if the light goes bright it's problem with the switch, if it makes no difference to the flickering the problem is in the loom somewhere.
Hth, DG.
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Re: CBR600F3(W) tacho feed

Postby wazza675 » 13 Oct 2016, 03:25

Thanks DG
Not had the neutral switch out or the pulse cover off.

Standard tacho.

It's seen some weather and the aftermarket tacho that was on it years ago was ditched as it had some issues... which I guess now come back to either the pulse generator, the CDI or the wiringing between...

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