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Re: Cotswold Cake Crew - 16th March

Same here mate wasn't till I got home then the pain in the shoulder and neck came along, ok now and a few carbon parts ordered for the bike so every cloud lol

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by Bratty
15 Mar 2014, 09:20
Forum: Events
Topic: Cotswold Cake Crew - 16th March
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Malaysia Airlines MH370

Other than being really sad as there were young children on board, WTmotherF is going on here ??

It went that way, it went this way. Transponders were off, it sent signals after all.. releasing satellite images by mistake, telling the families feck all.

What a mysterious mess !!
by dan uk
14 Mar 2014, 23:19
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Malaysia Airlines MH370
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Re: Lost anything?

... ! So it was you then, Dan? Nope not me... I'm proud to say I've never dipped it in anything other than the mrs :) The traveller communities from here to Nottingham all rely on me for their plumbing anyway so would be silly to chop my dick off (shake)
by dan uk
14 Mar 2014, 21:43
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Topic: Lost anything?
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Re: What are you doing today ??

Work here as well and thinking as soon as I get the internet back at home on the 24th I am hitting the job hunting HARD, can not stand being in recruitment any longer.
by Cavetroll87
14 Mar 2014, 10:51
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: What are you doing today ??
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Re: Hello

Good to see you over here mate.

I'm starting to get to like Tapatalk too, the timeline is quite useful when you just want to have a quick scan of the forum and see whats been happening.
by D6Nutz
14 Mar 2014, 09:23
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Hello
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Hello again

... pointed out I have not been posting up on this forum an awful lot if at all! My bad! I have been keeping up to date mind only as a guest and therefore can't atcually post anything and certainly have been keeping a close eye on any forum ride outs. I tried to log in but it seemed my phone didn't ...
by Rossgo
14 Mar 2014, 08:56
Forum: Slapper Chat
Topic: Hello again
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Re: BikeTrac success

That's pretty good! Got to think more realistically and have to agree with D6Nuts here, if the thieves checked the Bike over then it would of only been a matter of time before they found the tracker :-( but in this case I'm really not surprised the company are telling ...
by Rossgo
14 Mar 2014, 02:39
Forum: Biking Stuff
Topic: BikeTrac success
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Pitty Patter - our racing blog 2014

... the preparation, the highs and lows and the organisation that brings it all together in time for each event. It's not as glam as it seems and there's much mundane stuff to be done, but it's all with the racing goal in mind so here goes...a little look at Team Pitty's Custom Vinyls Racing behind ...
by Moonie
12 Mar 2014, 23:31
Forum: On the Track
Topic: Pitty Patter - our racing blog 2014
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Purchased 2 tyres from here. Pilot Power 2CT front and pilot Road 2 rear (120/70/17 & 180/55/17). The site is actually based in Paris, France which i spell s h I t h o l e but they arrived in 3 working days. £165 delivered inclusive ...
by dan uk
11 Mar 2014, 22:36
Forum: Reviews, Recommendations and Rejects
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